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PowerShare offers very exciting opportunities that bring solid returns on your money by investing in Real Estate.

Today's economy has made financial investing in the stock market and other investment avenues very unpredictable and unstable, yet real estate continues to prove profitable as an investment alternative.

There are 3 ways for you to invest in real estate with us:

  1. Mortgage Notes  -  Both performing Notes with lucrative annualized returns, and non-performing Notes are available as "off-market" assets from across the country.
  2. Buying or Selling a Property/Note? - We assist homeowners selling their property in order to overcome a distressed situation. If you are an investor, rehabber or landlord looking to buy, we have great opportunities to offer you.
  3. Invest as a Private Lender - Receive excellent returns, secured by real estate.
Wholesale properties and performing Notes are bringing
significant returns in today's market

PowerShare Investments offers a comprehensive service utilizing the latest technology to identify profitable deals in your local market or anywhere in the country. Our extensive network of banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, mortgage companies and investors provide us with exclusive opportunities that are typically unavailable to the general public.

Take the time to contact us about investing in real estate.
We empower investors through creative real estate solutions.

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